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Ask the NINJAs: When to Start Studying CPA Exam MCQ

Dear NINJAs,

Hope this email finds you well!

My name is Karina. It's nice to “meet” you. I work full time at an audit firm.

Studying for AUD which I'm sitting for early December.

I purchased Wiley as my main course and started studying in September but lost motivation due to needing to find the most efficient/effective way to study so after lots of research I came across your forum and purchased the Sniper Package.

I have about 7 weeks until exam day. I watched your video on how to study but I have a few questions:

– At what point or what week would you begin to hit the MCQs?

I get the reading the entire book (taking intense notes while reading) – I was going to aim to finish the book 3 weeks before exam date. Is this too late? Should I be aiming for 4 weeks before exam day to give me enough time for MCQs?

I listen to the ninja audio nonstop and am going to start reading the NINA notes now – which means finishing two weeks before the exam.

Please let me know your thoughts! I don't really have people to reach out to regarding this (all and any tips are appreciated.

Thank you for all your efforts with NINJA 🙂

Dear Karina,

HIYA to you, too.

The “Two Weeks” mark is about right.

Take Two weeks (maybe three) to learn the concepts via NINJA Book/PLUS and your Wiley materials, THEN jump into the MCQ.

Spend another Two Weeks-ish on the MCQ … then jump into your final exam review.


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