Ask the NINJAs: REG Material isn’t Sticking; 25% Average Score

30 Oct 2017

Ask the NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

I have about 2 weeks until my REG exam. I've skimmed the book and listen to the NINJA Audio during my commute. I've written the notes once and I'm currently taking notes while doing the MCQ's however my average score is about 25% – I'm struggling! I know REG isn't in my wheelhouse, but how do I “get it” enough to pass this test!? Thanks!


Dear Eleanora,

Some early warning signs are showing up…

Low average score (your cumulative score since you began working MCQs vs the Trending Score which takes more recent sessions into account)

– You acknowledge that REG isn't an area of strength

– Knowing this, you only skimmed the NINJA Book

Our advice: Reschedule your exam for before Thanksgiving (no one studies over Thanksgiving, so that's a bad time for the “fina push” … take your exam before Thanksgiving.

Make sure you read the NINJA Book and watch NINJA PLUS for the core concepts and you should reset your MCQ Stats and start over.

Slow it down and study (not skim) the material … you can do it.

When your average score is in the 70s and your Trending Score is in the 80s, you'll know you're ready.


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