CPA Exam: Digging Deep and Remembering Why

12 May 2016


Kristen Option 2Kristen is a NINJA CPA blogger.

As I blankly stare at my computer screen, mulling over whether I am going to bed or going to study, I try to rile myself up by remembering why I want my CPA.

I mentally check the list, and dig deep to find the line item that will ignite the fire within…

  • Job security: I love my job, and although I feel secure, having my CPA will help both me and my firm.
  • Flexibility: Earning my CPA will allow me additional flexibility to find another job, should my family relocate– and not necessarily as an auditor.
  • Respect: Having a CPA is a well-respected and recognized designation.
  • Money: Who doesn’t want a bonus and potential for increased compensation?!

These obvious reasons are certainly driving factors. But there are others that I don’t routinely share with others:

  • Proving it to myself: Self-doubt sucks.
  • Providing better opportunities for my family: More money = larger college fund, more enriching travel opportunities, etc.
  • Following through: This is not the first time I’ve aspired to pass the exam.

Well, flame on NINJAs – I am going to get my study on.

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Trae 8 years ago

Needed this, great post!

ginx789 8 years ago

Thank you for this motivation post, want I need right now.