Ask the NINJAs – Overcoming Repeated Fails in low 70s

Dear NINJAs,

I passed Audit in January 2012 and have been working on other sections since.

I've taken BEC three times (68,68,73). I study 2-3 hours nightly, dedicate my weekends to studying both Saturdays and Sundays at least 8 hours each day.

What am I doing wrong? – Debbie


Dear Debbie,

We NINJAs think you're putting in the time, but you're not studying the right way.

1. Are you taking notes with your CPA Review Course, or merely highlighting and underlining stuff? (We both know you'll never come back to it, so why underline/highlight in the first place?).

Throw the highlighter away. Take notes instead.

2. Let's say that your course comes with 1,000 MCQs for BEC. If you're like many people in the latest podcasts – you're only doing around 60% of your MCQs.

Do more MCQs. Work them until you hate life. Do some more.

3. You need a study plan. Specifically, the NINJA Study Plan. Your current plan isn't working – it's time for the N.I.N.J.A. Study Framework.

We would go into detail here, but Jeff just ordered us Taco John's (seriously – tacos and tater tots … the best combination since NINJA and Notes, we say.)

Get the NINJA Study Plan (free).


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