Old School Final Review

Since I bought myself (literally) an extra 10 days to study, I've set the software aside and have been methodically going through the Wiley book and doing Yaeger‘s recommended questions per section. I work the problem and then read the answer. Instead of flipping back and forth from the questions to the answers, I have found it very helpful to tear out the answers and staple them together.

So that I don't lose my place and also to gauge my progress, at the start of each module I take Yaeger‘s list of recommended questions and write all of the question numbers down on a small piece of notebook paper and then write the answers down on the sheet instead of the book. This can be tedious and patience testing (yes, I get up and walk around after every 10-15 questions it seems), but I have found that it is very effective in learning the material.

When I get a question wrong, I write out the relevant facts that I missed or had forgotten in a Word Document and separate it by module. If you can spend a week doing something similar and then switch to the software a few days before your exam to test yourself on weak areas, I think you'll find that you have learned a lot. Doing this old school method of studying allows you to “work out the kinks” so to speak and before you know it, you will *know* the material. It can get boring and it takes time, but I am confident that it will pay off.

Currently, I've worked through Modules 7-10 in the Wiley book and hope to be done with them all (they go up to 20) by Friday night. My exam is Tuesday November 4th.

Thanks for reading.