Brain Delay

I may have been a bit too cavalier about cramming for FAR. It's one thing to go through all of your material…it's another to actually review it. So, I hit the eject button and decide to reschedule to November 4. Easy enough, right? Maybe not.

In my new e-mail confirmation from Prometric it reads


After you have made an appointment for an examination section you may find it necessary to change or cancel an appointment. Be aware that you may be required to pay a reschedule fee or forfeit your examination fees, depending on when you notify Prometric of the change or cancellation. Changes made 5 to 30 days prior to your appointment will be assessed a $35 fee. Changes made less than 5 days prior will be assessed $95.40. Note: Any changes made 24 hours or less prior to your appointment will forfeit your fees and you will need to reapply to your board of accountancy or its designated agency. Please see your Candidate Bulletin for more information.

Did I just royally screw up? Of course – I can't call anyone at Prometric until tomorrow. Maybe my state board will have mercy on me.

update: I spoke with Prometric and until I hear otherwise from them, I'm set for 11/4 and won't have to pay the extra $280. I won't be surprised if I get a call from them though.