FAR on Friday

I worked until 1am last night wrapping up the Yaeger CPA Review FAR Disc 9 and wasn't sure what today would bring. Twice within the span of 4 hours I had my payment info loaded onto Prometric's site and a new date selected (November 4) and all I had to do was hit “confirm” and put my exam back a week or so, but I just couldn't do it for some reason.

I still had discs 10, 11, 12, and 13 to go as of this morning. Thankfully, work was slow (and my boss is very nice), so I sat at my desk and worked through discs 10-13 throughout the day and into the evening and I am now done with Yaeger‘s FAR program. Was it easy to sit there for 12+ hours (I worked each 4 hour DVD in about 3 hours using the time stretch feature on my laptop)?

No, but it was worth it.

I am taking tomorrow off from work, going to the local coffee shop (what a cliche, right?) and plan on spending a good 12 hours tomorrow working MCQs and sims…and I'll be ready.