21 Oct 2008

My FAR Experience

I gave in and decided to push my exam back a week so that I would have a calm week to review and do MCQs. They wanted $95 to reschedule my exam. I decided to wait until Wednesday to decide what to do. If I can plow through the rest of my lectures and have all day Thursday (I'm taking a day off from work) to do MCQs and review, I'm going for it.

If I'm not done with my DVDs by late Wednesday, I'm postponing it a week. I'm ready to be done with this thing, but also don't want to rush and be posting again in January about an upcoming FAR exam.

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Anonymous 15 years ago

This happens more often than you would think especially when you work full time and have a family life. When you schedule an exam so far in advance, you never know what may come up a week before the exam. It is a good idea to take a day off so you can get your mind focused on the exam criteria. I also think that cramming through the material close to the exam date will allow you to hold on to the info just long enough to apply it to the exam. We all know that the first step out of the exam room, you dump all of the info. Keep confident in yourself and you'll make it.