Ask the NINJAs – Best order for the CPA Exam?

Dear NINJAs,

What is your rule of thumb when it comes to the order I should take the exams? ~ Melissa


Dear Melissa,

Take the Hardest Exam First.

It's usually best to get the hardest exam out of the way – and the majority of candidates agree that the hardest section of the CPA Exam is Financial Accounting and Reporting.

You want to get the most-difficult (or at least the most-difficult for you) section cleared first because of the 18 month rule requirement.

(…just ask anyone who has lost their FAR credit … )

Section to Pass Sooner vs. Later? AUD.

Word around the Dojo is that AUD is changing a bit mid-2013, so ceteris paribus … roll with AUD after FAR.

Taking 2 Sections in 1 Window? Make one of them BEC.

BEC is the Honey Badger of the CPA Exam. It just don't give a Shuriken.

Pair it with another exam? Yes – if you have to.

However … do NOT underestimate BEC just because it's a shorter exam and tests on things you “covered” in college.

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