CPA Reviewed – Podcast #1

Introducing: “CPA Reviewed” – the another71.com podcast.

It runs approx. 30 minutes. I cover 10 or so questions from readers…study tips, motivation, etc. It's version 1.0 … I welcome your feedback 🙂





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  • Agreed — posting this for candidates for an FYI rather than a point of fact for Another71 — I know you are well aware of the story. I just think it is important for candidates to know that even if you don’t live in a state that doesn’t require 150 (Colorado) you can still sit for the exam in any state that you live in under the Colorado requirements. I know Another71 has wrote a post on this before but I think few people know about this advantage.

    I live in Kansas and did not have 150 hours when I passed the CPA exam. It doesn’t matter where you live or work, you don’t need 150 hours to sit for the CPA exam. From New York to California if you meet the requirements of Colorado you can roll up to a Prometric in any state/Guam/Puerto Rico and sit for the exam. Licensing is another matter and if you care about where your license is issued or the state that issues your certificate….then the 150 hours actually comes into play. I just want everyone to know before you go blow $$$ on night classes to get 150 hours, you really don’t need them if your only objective is to pass the CPA exam. If you are not in public accounting it really doesn’t matter what state issues your license and certificate. At the end of day it is the same test for everybody, 150 hours or not.

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