Ask the NINJAs – Pre-Test MCQs and Advisory Scores

14 Sep 2012

Ask the NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

My FAR score is 75, but is shows as an “advisory score”.

Does that mean my score may change? ~Ibrahim

Dear Ibrahim,

We have never seen an advisory score change. In short, Congrats!!!

HiYa! – The NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

What are pre-test questions? Do they count toward your score if you answer them correctly? ~Brigitte

Dear Brigitte,

Pre-test questions are questions that are being “tested” to see if they should be used on the CPA Exam.

Up to approx. 20% of your exam could be pre-test questions. You study so hard – only to have up to 20% of your exam not count.

Makes sense, right?

No they don't count … No there is no way to know if they are pre-test … and No, you shouldn't worry about them on exam day.

If a question seems weird – like it's from the left side of the Dojo … answer it and move on … it could very well be pre-test.

HiYa! – The NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

In your How to Study for the CPA Exam Video, you mentioned re-writing the notes. Could I also type the notes and get the same effect, or do you recommend actually writing the notes out? ~Bergan

Dear Bergan,

We think that re-writing by hand is ideal (it's more up close and personal with the material – and we're up close and personal kind of NINJAs), but typing is fine as well.

Ideally, you have this big stack of legal pads full of copious (we recommend using the word “copious” whenever possible, by the way … it makes you sound smart) notes. You then take your copious notes (there's that word again … one more time and we have a drinking game in the works) and re-write them.

You should consider taking graph paper and drawing a line down the middle and taking your copious (drink!) notes and taking the “fact nugget” that the paragraph of your copious (drink!) notes is trying to convey and write it down.

Copiously (drink!) Yours, The NINJAs

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