CPA Exam Questions: Can I do 250 A Day?

23 Mar 2008

My BEC Experience

I've been running the numbers trying to devise a battle plan for REG and BEC. I did the math and I have 4,706 REG multiple choice questions and 2,790 BEC questions at my disposal. By the way, that's 7,496 questions – all on software. I've never done all of the questions in preparing for an exam (or even came close) and that may be my downfall.

I have one chance to get it right on each or I have to re-take the dreaded FAR exam. In order to complete all of the MCQs once in the next 30 days, I have to average 250 questions a day. Granted, Saturday and Sunday naturally lend themselves to more study time, but it is going to be a grind doing that many questions in study mode for the next 30 days with work and family on top of it all.

It will be a sacrifice, but when I'm done – I'm done.

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Research-Associate 16 years ago

250 questions a day is quite a lot, but with determination,I think you can make it.I wish you the best.

Antoinette 16 years ago

i'm taking REG on 4/15. Stay focused and just don't give up on it!!! If time gets to be a crunch, focus on the tax stuff. That's like 75% of the exam. You should be good by going over the legal stuff once, but really focus all your attention on the tax information. I wish you the best.