CPA Exam REG | How to Re-Study After Failing with 71 & 73

01 Sep 2021

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reg restudy after failure

Going back to the chat. I'm in the same boat as her referring to Jeanette. I'm studying for regulation, 58, 67, 71 73. Don't like your equator. Okay. So 71 73 you know what comes after 71 and 73, right? 75. But that's only true if you don't fall into the trap. If you don't fall into the retake trap, the trap of Hey, I scored a 73, I'm only two points away, but you're not, you are 75 points away.

And do everything that you did to get that 73, everything like. Repeat what you did and then you need to, so there are some sections that you're some topics that you're weaker on. So let's hit those extra hard. Maybe last time you didn't rewrite the ninja notes. So during the ninja chat, so you're, you at least have access to the NINJA Notes.

So maybe last time you didn't rewrite the notes or you didn't rewrite the initial notes. So let's time let's rewrite the ninja notes and or maybe you didn't follow the NINJA Framework explicitly this time. Let's do that last time. You didn't watch any sparring lectures. So let's pick three topics and hit those really hard.

And, but the most important thing is that you don't cut any corners and that you do exactly what you did to score the seven. Yeah. And then and then just do everything I just said. And I know that from experience I scored, so you scored 71 73 on regulation. I scored 74, 74 on regulation and it costs me my FAR credit.

And so if you want to lose an exam, The worst one to lose. So I went from being one point away from being a CPA to only having to pass then I wanted to pout. I wanted to I wanna throw a pity party. I wanted to blame the AI CPA one to blame everyone, except for myself, I get over and about after about a week.

And so the long and short of it was, I didn't want to study and. I hated AMT your kids these days. Have it so easy. No more AMT. When I saw that the AICPA got rid of AMT, I thought that is a cool way to go. Because number one, I don't have to have it in the materials anymore. I just hate AMT. I just think it's a stupid concept anyway.

It's that anticapitalistic comment or concept anyway, and I hate it. So anyway, so box over. And then like kind of exchanges. Okay. Like-Kind changes. Sure. Whatever, but like lifetime exchanges when there's a liability swap. Ooh. That's a little bit tougher. I don't want to study it and it costs me. And so 74, 74, then I got my butt in gear and I scored a nine.

And not because I'm super smart, you can read my exam history and that's not the case, but I did study more efficiently and effectively. I had more discipline and it just so happens. Yeah. Tax law for some reason, tax law, and auditing it is clicked with my brain. That's why I pass auditing after two and a half weeks just by cramming up because I procrastinated and I was under the gun.

And then I made that big jump just because tax again, clicks in my brain anyway. And business law. I don't know. I just kinda, I kinda like. It's weird. And then everything I just said with studying everything that I did to get to that 74 and then hitting my topics, I just didn't want to study more.

So you know, which topics you need to hit really hard by, picture yourself driving to the exam center and the ones that you're praying that they don't ask you about. Those are the topics that you need to hit really hard if that's helpful.

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