CPA Exam Reviewed Video Podcast #59

20 May 2015


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Ask Jeff (

1. Rob – Hi, I am scheduled to take the REG exam in the beginning of July and I am interested in purchasing NINJA material. However, it looks like the NINJA material for REG is for tax law that is tested until 6/30/15. Does this mean that NINJA materials purchased now would not encompass subject matter that will appear July 2015 and going forward?

Evan – Hi Jeff, when will the REG Ninja MCQs and Blitz be updated for the July exam? I'm guessing they aren't updates yet because people are still studying for the current test window. Great site/products and thanks a lot.

2. Rana – Can you please also give me advice on how I can pass this section? I've taken it 3 times so far. The first time I didn't study too well and got a 57. Second time got a 67 with MCQ weaker and Sims comparable. Third time got a 70 with MCQ comparable and Sims weaker. This time around i got comparable or stronger in all of my mcq subjects except Law, which was weaker. Any advice to give myself a push to get to that 75?

3. Y – My doubt is about the Ninja Framework. I don't know if I understand it correctly. What I understand of it is that I must see ALL the videos, but do I take notes while watching it? or Should I watch them all and then take notes with the book? I'm trying to be time efficient so thanks for your time!

4. Chelle – Hi Jeff, What advise would you give to me who has been out of school for over 15 years? I have a bachelors degree in Accounting earned 15 years ago. I'm a mom with a 5 year old and a 13 year old. I currently work full time with a group of CPA's and my managers encourage me to pursue the exam. Where do I begin? Do I take refresher college courses or can I just study the CPA reviews right away? I recently ordered for my transcripts and will send to the board of accountancy so they can let me know – what other courses I need to take to qualify to sit for the exam. Help!

5. Myranda – I came across your site/products while trying to figure out which CPA study materials I would like to purchase. I downloaded and reviewed the sample products that you have available on your site and like what I see. I also read through the CPA Exam Survival Guide, which I found to be quite helpful. However, I am still stumped as to how to approach studying/purchasing materials. I actually like the NINJA model that you have developed. But I am still slightly confused. So my questions are a follows:

1) Should I or do I need to purchase a separate program in addition to the NINJA program?

2) Do I need to purchase just videos from another company and then supplement with NINJA products?

3) In the CPA Exam Survival Guide it mentioned to “1. Nail the videos”…is this referring to the NINJA audio files? Or by purchasing other set of videos?

6. Hi Jeff, do you have a sample of what your NINJA MCQ is like? online or a pdf, etc. Also, approximately how many questions are there? Thanks!!

7. Varinder – Can you please send the 2015 AUD AICPA released questions. I am unable to find them on the website.

8. Mack – I just finished my B.S in accounting here in MA. I'm Brand New to CPA review curses. Never purchase any review package. And, I need to take my CPA test. The point is. Today: I don’t have money to purchase the whole package now, and looking for a job. What would you do, if you were in my shoes?

9. Matt – I took REG once and failed and was in need of supplementary material. I purchased the 10-point combo. Will I be receiving hard copies of the materials in the mail? Also, do you have a recommended study approach as to how many MCQ/sims should be tackled in a given day, vs. how much reading of the textbook/listening to the audio I should do? I will be taken REG again in Q3 in July.

10. Steve – I am about to start my CPA journey for California and am looking for study materials to take the CPA exam. From the looks of it, the reputation of Ninja is primarily as a supplement to another primary review resource, but from what I understand this is before you introduced the Ninja Book and other resources. I am trying to save money for the study materials so Ninja is the most bang for my buck, but i also want to make sure I am prepared for the exams. Do you recommend using Ninja solely by itself as adequate to pass the CPA exams (10 point combo)? Or should I stick to supplementing? Thank you for any feedback.

11. Allison – In the NINJA MCQs, what is the “review” stage? And, how do I get to it? I have answered all of the questions correctly once. Is there a “review” phase? Thanks!

12. Gloria – I want to know what course do I need to buy for study?… Do I need Becker or Ninja or both?.. tell me which one do you recomenmmend.

13. Brian – Jeff – great site. I have decided to get back into the swing and study and set for the CPA exam (after a 25 year hiatus….). I am a corporate tax manager, but am really weak in accounting. Should I start on what I'm strongest at (Reg) or worse at (reg) with the 18 month window looming? Thanks.

Facebook Questions (

Ansah – Do you have any advice for eligible undergraduate students who want to take some parts of the CPA during their school year?

Josh – The REG audio was great! I'm ready to buy FAR and the rest – should I wait to buy? Will the Ninja-Dealmaster make a deal down the line? I'm holding back for fear of getting burned. Maybe a MCQ audio combo?!

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