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16 Oct 2012

Ask the NINJAs

Dear NINJAs,

How can I improve on CPA Exam Simulations?

I have appeared for Regulation three times and scored 74 in all the three exams. My score report says I am good at multiple choice questions but weak in simulations. ~Ishita

Dear Ishita,

Doing stronger on the multiple choice questions and weaker on the simulations is common.

Here are 3 NINJA steps to gidder done (we NINJAs have hick ancestry):

    1. Do not walk into your exam until you have done the AICPA's Practice Simulations. If you've never tinkered with the Research component, Exam Day is not the time to figure it out. Test drive ahead of time.


    1. You need CPA Exam Simulation Software. NINJA MCQ gives you AICPA Licensed content and is the best value on the market for MCQs and Simulations.


    1. For BEC, you need to practice your writing skillz. ESL CPA Exam candidates often struggle with the writing component. To overcome this, you should take a BEC subject like IT and drill down into a topic like Hot vs. Cold Sites for Disaster Recovery and make your own essay explaining the advantages of a Hot Site over a Cold Site.Included should be a Thesis/Introduction, Main Body/Supporting Points, Conclusion.
      Need someone to grade your essay? Post it on the Another71 Forum. People there are very helpful.


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