CPA Reviewed #78 – Working Moms and the CPA Exam

01 May 2017

CPA Exam Study Tips

Working Moms and the CPA Exam – CPA Reviewed #78

Andrew: I’m about to begin studying for the CPA and just received my NTS for FAR. I’m planning to use the Ten Point Combo and have a few questions.

1.) Will there be any updates to the Ninja Book and/or NINJA Notes this year for any of the sections?

2.) I’m one of those people that are terrible at taking notes. Do you know if people have had good results with copying the Ninja Notes word for word?

3.) I’m trying figure out a rough 8-week study schedule for how to use the Ninja study framework for FAR. Could you let me know what you think of the plan below and if there’s anything you would tweak/change?

• Week 1 – 4
i. Read the Entire Ninja Book
ii. Copy Ninja Notes
iii. Listen to Ninja Audio

• Week 5
i. Review Notes
ii. Ninja MCQ and Sims
iii. Listen to Ninja Audio

• Week 6
i. Review Notes
ii. Ninja MCQ and Sims
iii. Listen to Ninja Audio
iv. Look at Ninja Blitz and Ninja Plus

• Week 7
i. Rewrite Ninja Notes
ii. Ninja MCQ and Sims
iii. Listen to Ninja Audio
iv. Look at Ninja Blitz and Ninja Plus

• Week 8
i. Review Notes
ii. Ninja MCQ and Sims
iii. Listen to Ninja Audio

Andria: I am currently looking to take a Business Ethics summer class online from any college to meet the Illinois requirements. Any recommendations on what college I can take this exam from ? Cheap ideas ?

Nida: Looking for help/guidance in the following:

1-      Is it possible to pass the CPA during the following times

a.       Start studying August-November 2017? If so, how many hours for each section is needed (please indicate hours as though the person may not have any financial background)

2-      Should one register for all 4 parts at once? If no, why not?

Malik: I bought the Ten Point Combo for AUD, but I do not know how to start. Could you please tell me what is the best way to study the materials? Do I start with the books and audio or what? Also, do I need to do the MCQ on daily basis? I am planning to take the exam 8 weeks from now. 

jmanderson21: Hey Jeff, I need some good study tips for the FAR section (Exam on May 31st, 2017) using Becker. I find it hard to pay attention and take notes during lectures. Should I even take any or just read the red ones the instructors insert. Also, Is there any tips on how to best go about remembering everything? Please help.

cpamatt: Hello Jeff, thank you for doing what you do. I am a little past two weeks doing multiple choice for REG and things are in the early stages of coming together. Still I want to give myself the best chance. My main concern is balancing my time come exam day. Would you be able to give us a breakdown of how long we should take on each section before we end up needing to play catch up.

LAWashington: I purchased the 10-point combo last year prior to the exam changing. I had to discontinue my studying temporarily and I'm ready to proceed. Do we pay for updates and how are the updates received?

luvlee_linda: I would like to take 2 parts this window – which 2 parts would you recommend, given the change in exam? I've taken the old version before and planning on taking some time off to knock out 2 of 4 this window! thanks!

SallyCPA: Hey Jeff thank you for your help! Do you think that the AICPA will be trying to extend the 18 month rule for 3 months throughout all the states within the next year?

Bryan: I bought the ten point combo for FAR middle last year. Has there been an update on the book since then?

Silky: Hi Jeff I am so confused about my AUD exam.
I have scheduled my AUD exam for 11th May (as my NTS expiring that day) and I am not yet 25% covered with my syllabus( I am working/job part time 16 hours a week). Please suggest me what to do? Should I take it on 11th and wait for the result in August or should I cancel it ( and waste my total $250 bucks) and schedule it in September as my BEC is scheduled in July.
P.S – My REG will expire on 14th January 2018.

Luigi: Hi Jeff,
This will be my first time taking the CPA exam so I have few questions:
Is the Ninja CPA review all I need to pass the CPA exam? Or do I need an additional test tool, like Becker or CPA Excel?

Yolanda: Hi Jeff,

This is a question on long term studying and timing that I'd really appreciate your input on.

Here is my situation: In the fall, I'll begin an MS in Accounting program. I have a BS in economics (where I only took one intro to financial accounting course for non-majors) and I've been able to take a few accounting courses at the undergrad level since then. By the fall, I would have taken Intermediate 1 and 2, Cost Accounting, I would like to take sections of the CPA exam as I go through my masters program, which will be complete in about a year and a half.

I figure I would have had Financial reporting and maybe non-governmental and non-profit accounting by before the end of year 1 which will allow me to take FAR, then I can take REG, AUD, and BEC before graduation.

I'm planning on using Gleim and NINJA materials to study. I really want to over-study to give myself a shot at the Elijah Watt Sells Award. Should I start studying using Gleim now even before my masters program begins, or do you suggest I just focus on the Masters classes and then start taking the exam in the last semester (or even after I graduate from) of my grad program?

Alma: Can I re-take reg next testing window if I take it this testing window but no not get my results until middle of August?

If the answer is no, I have to wait until I get my August results then how is that fair? I am basically going to lose an entire testing window to take the test and am close to losing my audit credit.

Aman: Hello Sir,
I have already passed Bec and Reg. Unfortunately I am unable to clear Aud and FAR. I have failed 3 times in Aud and maximum score was juts 55. Please help me otherwise my score will expire soon. I don't know what to do in Aud. i always find TBS to be challenging and always fail to answer them in spite of knowing the concepts also. In Far, I have got 63 in my first attempt. I am on the verge of quitting

Gary: Hey Jeff-

I'm a senior pursuing a Master of Accounting (5yr program) at Penn State. I will be interning with PwC in NYC this summer starting in June 5th and my summer break starts on May 6th. I have this ambition – more likely a hope- to start studying and pass the exam – REG Only – before the start date of my internship. Once the break starts, I can put at least 8 hours but until the break I can only put up to 4 hours.

I will get free Becker pass once I get the full time offer from PwC but I wanted to start my game ahead and get at least one of the four exams done. Also, I've watched your videos explaining about your products and they seem quite appealing to me.

So my question is…

Do you think is it doable – if I dedicate more than 8 hours a day for a month until the exam – by using only NINJA package?

Nikunj: Hi Jeff, I gave two exam AUD and FAR in January but didn't pass. My score was 68 and 69 respectively. My MCQ had excellent score however TBS was not up to the mark. Could you please suggest something how to improve in TBS and also considering new exam technique how should I prepare? I have two plans either appear in May end or July starting, what would you prefer?

A Nebraskan: Hi Jeff!

I discovered your NINJA Study Products last night before going to bed, and I have been listening to your

How to Study for the CPA Exam‘ (both general and FAR), ‘2017 CPA exam changes‘, and the ‘NINJA method' videos all morning at my desk, and I'm interested in purchasing your products. I have a few questions:

1) You mention not studying for more than 8 weeks for any CPA test, but I am studying for almost three months before I take FAR. Given my Becker study plan, I will be done with the 10th and final section by June 18th. This, I will have ~3 weeks for review. Minding my previous section(s), would you recommend the NINJA notes? I do not think I'll want to/have time for reading and condensing the NINJA book. Or should I power through the lectures and skills sections so I have 3< weeks to apply the NINJA method during the review phase?

2) Would you recommend me rescheduling REG for September 2 vs waiting another month (~7 weeks with a week break after FAR (7/5/17)) given your 7-8 week study recommendation? My testing window for FAR and REG end shortly after the October 2, 2017 exam date.

3) Although I am not married, I do not want to completely shut out my significant other. The first week I worked 8-4 and was studying for 5:30-9:30 (F1: Modules 1-8), and was then with her from 10-bedtime where we watch shows, etc.

She too is studying but for grad school so I'm not the only one. Anyway, how did you budget time for studying and time for your wife?

I’dlovea75: How do you suggest we allocate time for the new AUD exam? 2 hours for MCQ 2 hours for TBS?

audarah: HAve you ever seen anyone improve their score in far by 22 points from their first try to first retake? I mega bombed.

queencpa: I plan to take the CMA 1 exam before I take my *hopefully* final exam, FAR. Which CMA materials are the best in your opinion? I believe you are also a CMA.

fblessed777: I really need your help in calculating A/R turnover ratio, Which one shall I use in the exam? Net average A/R or Gross average A/R? I see some says Net others say Gross.

Mo: I failed Aud in March. I tried to squeeze it in before the new test and didn’t study all the material. I now have 4 weeks left and started from scratch. I am up to the 2nd chapter of the Becker materials. I also bought Ninja MCQ and Ninja notes. what should my plan of action be? I'm worried I wont have time to finish all the material and take notes as I am a slow studier.

Diana: Hi Jeff, Even though I have passed AUD and BEC. My credit for AUD expired last 10/31/2016. My credit for BEC will expire at the end of April. I got 74 in FAR last 10/31/2016. I requested a rescore but got the same result. I retook FAR and AUD during January to March in 2017 and got a 72 on both. I am currently not studying because I basically gave up on it after retaking FAR and getting the 72 and also receiving the negative result on the rescore.

I have put a lot of hours and effort into the exams and I am very upset that I was SO close and I couldn't make it. I decided to give up and move on because it was devastating but as you can see if still in the back of my mind. I guess I am not the only one that has been this close. I am reaching out to you to see if you have any words of advice. Thank you.

Amber: Hi. I purchased the AUD audio and now I've decided I want to do the 10 point combo. Can I purchase it without the audio or get a discount or something?

Jordyn: Hope all is well! I am currently re-studying for BEC (after getting a 74 during the last window). My score breakdown showed I was comparable in MC while weak in WC. I am currently going through the lectures, notes, and multiple choice questions again to ensure I understand the material. However, I am extremely nervous about the WC. Is there a format you would suggest going by? I know each WC is different; however, I have been told so many things that at this point I feel lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Colson: Why is it that partnership accounting (formation, basis calculations, etc.) are included in the Ninja Notes for FAR? I have already completed the Becker book and lectures and that never came into play. I was wondering if you had insight that they did not or if this was just supplemental information that made its way in there.

Mohamed: I am Mohamed from Egypt and I am preparing to pass all CPA parts. I have passed the FAR and, currently, I am studying AUD & REG.
according to my plan, I need to set for both in August 2017. Could you give some tips in studying the REG especially I have a full-time job.

Al: I'm using a massive cpa review book and thinking about buying your notes.

I was reading the book and watching the videos. After each session, i'm taking the “section exam”.

You recommend NOT taking any exams or MCQs, TBS and only after reading the 2 giant books start doing MCQs and TBS?

I'm a bit concerned because the books are massive and will probably take me almost 6 week to finish before I can start doing MCQs , leaving me only 2 weeks to do mcqs and tbs.

Jsn: For Audit, do you think it would be beneficial to go over all the simulations provided in Ninja? I know the obvious answer is yes, but I wasn't sure if you thought that would be good to devote that much time to all of them

Tayyaba: am female and 39 years old. I took BEC on Feb 13 and failed it with a score of 73. After that I am so devastated and don't know how to pick up myself to start studying again. I have a full time job and two little kids. Please advise!

Chieh Jen: I don’t know whether the material in Becker changes greatly because of the new CPA exam? Or just the direction of the exam changes but the material in Becker textbook doesn’t change a lot. I am a little nervous because of the new CPA exam and I have no clue about it. Hope you and your program can help me get through this.

Yonatan: Is there a list of the changes to the 2017 test? Like I don't care about structure changes, thats irrelevant, but are there topics that have been removed or added? In my study materials I'm going over pensions and compare to the 2016 materials they took out all the tax effects that must be recognized in comprehensive income for the prior service cost and pension adjustments, and pension gains.

That means no more JE's attached to the recognition of the psd (for example DR OCI, CR Pension benefit liability, DR DTA, CR, Deferred tax benefit – OCI also in bonds they took out Book value method and mkt method for warrants? Is this no longer part of the exam or is that a mistake? (This is becker material) Very confused. Like its literally the same page copied and pasted from the old material without the tax effects. And no mention of the convertible bonds methods. And few other changes with the material. Please help. Thanks so much.

Ruben: I've taken Audit 4 times and have gotten a 73, 74,74,73. My Becker subscription has timed out and I don't want spend that kind of money again. I signed up to take the test again May 27. What would you recommend I purchase from Ninja to study for the next month?

Tanvi: I had purchased Beckers 2 years ago and i could not study or appear for any exams until this year Feb when i sat for BEC and scored 69. I am going to do the Ninja MCQ next when i appear and then jumped to FAR but my subscription expires on may 12. My question here is will only Ninja audio and MCQ be enough to study from the scratch?

Brandy: I'm planning to begin testing for the CPA exam after Spring semester 2018. I'm hoping to familiarize myself with the material at a more relaxed pace, so I would like to start now. Am I permitted to purchase the materials now and use them through my testing cycle, or is there a time limit?

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