A CPA Exam Study Plan that Worked for Me!

25 Mar 2016


JennyJenny is a NINJA CPA blogger.

As luck would have it, the CPA exam study plan that I put in place actually worked……this week.

Here are the details:

Plan: Focus Area – Econ, Method – MCQs

Review: I have determined that Econ and I do not have a friendly relationship right now. The multiple choice questions have not gone very well this week. Whether that has been from work distractions or home distractions I am not sure.

As a result of the review, I need to look at other aspects that I might be ignoring.

Revise: One area that I have not paid much attention to at this point is the [A71 product=”audio”]NINJA Audio, mainly because I have a hard time paying attention while I am listening. However, given that I have to drive to work everyday, I thought I should give them a shot. I am hoping that as I am listening to these audio recordings, something will click with me.

Spousal Insight

This methodology is very similar to the Agile Methodology in programming (not sure if that is on the exam or not). However, there is a nice parallel between Agile Methodology and the above method of plan, follow, review, revise.

Every day on an Agile team, we have a daily standup meeting where we talk about what we did yesterday, what we are going to do today, and if we have any impediments.

This is very true also of the above plan. What did I study yesterday, What I am going to study today, is there anything in my way or causing me issues (impediments)? How can I revise my plan to try to work past those items?

As a spouse, it is important to let the person studying perform most of the above items. However, where the spouse can come in, is helping to resolve the impediments.

Maybe it is a personal item that needs to be accomplished that a spouse can take care of. Maybe they need help thinking of a new strategy. Whatever it is, as a spouse, your role is one of support as well as assistance when needed.

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