CPA Exam Study Tips from the Trenches: Part 1

03 Mar 2012

Guest Posts

I asked CPA Exam candidates, past and present, on the Facebook page for CPA Exam Study Tips, Accounting Career advice, or just plain encouragement that they have to share:

    1. Multiple choice, multiple choice, multiple choice … Then, more multiple choice. … Coffee … more multiple choice. – Jonn


    1. Work hard and don't give up. Be persistent. If life gets in the way get right back up and on track! – Julia


    1. Exam advice – It is so important to get a schedule and STICK TO IT. If you plan well and follow through, you can do it! – Kelly


    1. Give yourself realistic deadlines and make the time you allot for studying count. Don't plan on studying for 3 hours every night and spend 2 hours on Facebook, otherwise you can expect to be disappointed come exam day! (from personal experience). – Juan


    1. When you feel like giving up, DON'T!!! Always remember, “No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.” – Tabitha


    1. Career tip – As a someone who didn't go to college right away, and spent 6 years in A/R prior to graduating college and then advancing to a position in a CPA firm, I firmly believe that starting your career in public accounting is extremely beneficial in building the “business” mind set. Having a few years of public accounting experience helps in making you marketable in the private industry. Study hard and don't get discouraged. – Tara


    1. Go hard in the beginning so you're not cramming right before the test. Have a study plan going in. – Kendra


    1. Even if you've walked away from the exam for a while, buckle down and get it done! I took a 4 year break and finally finished 6 months ago. I wish I would have just cranked through it and got it done years ago. – Amanda


    1. If you put in the time and effort, it will pay off!! – Missy


    1. Find the way you learn best. While some people may learn from writing notes, or listening to lectures, or reading a book – we all learn differently. It's ok to have a small pity party if you get ANOTHER 74 (or a 71!), but then pick up, and move on. You CAN do this! – Megan


    1. My advice is to put your 150% effort into your study plan, give yourself at least 3 months of your preferred review course before scheduling for your exam and do not schedule during black out periods. And if at first you do not succeed pick your self up and try again. – Marisol


    1. Never give up & keep your cool. Take a break if you need to. Try and do as many MCQs as you can and you can. From my experience you learn more from doing MCQs than reading the materials. Put studying hours in daily – don't try to push more towards end. – Sonali


    1. Don't over-think the exam. Practice your MCQs and the simulations. If you are doing OK on MCQs, your simulations score might just give you that extra edge. – Kari


    1. Write Notes, Rewrite notes, write answers to missed questions, rewrite answers to missed questions. Writing helps you remember. – Kricket


    1. Get into the routine of taking out your books and studying – no pain, no gain! – Irina


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