CPA Exam Study Tips from the Trenches: Part 2

07 Mar 2012

Guest Posts

I asked CPA Exam candidates, past and present, on the Facebook page for CPA Exam Study Tips, Accounting Career advice, or just plain encouragement that they have to share:

    1. Keep at it! No matter what don't give up! – Shari


    1. Give yourself plenty of time to study. If you try to cram for it in a short period of time it will usually spell disaster. – Michael


    1. When re-studying, DO NOT re-watch the lectures. It's a waste of time. Review the notes you took the first time around and work problem after problem until test day. If there is a topic you don't understand completely, read the book and if that fails, then make watching the video your last resort. – Sara


    1. Take the exam seriously. Say no to friends who want to go out. Make study time quality time. Make the exam and sleep a priority. – Jenn


    1. Don't be discouraged! Work hard and it will pay off in the end! – Ginnie


    1. Get the exam out of the way as early as possible in your career! – Adam


    1. Don't spend too long on any specific topic. If you have trouble, keep a list of the tough topics and review those more frequently…it will get easier and easier, and each time you review you'll remember more and more. – Cathie


    1. Just remember the hardest things we overcome in life become the most treasured moments to look back and value our character upon. – Diana


    1. Take the section of the exam you struggle with the most first. Then your window doesn't start until you pass that section and doesn't expire while you're struggling to pass at the last minute. – Kristy


    1. Don't let the exam take over your life and control you. YOU control the exam. Stay disciplined and you will pass. Enjoy your family and friends – it will be refreshing and jolt your studying. – Caleb


    1. Stick to a plan, study with current materials, and don't give up. Those who work hard will be successful. – Charlie


    1. Don't beat yourself up if you don't pass. Chalk it up as experience gained working questions worded exactly how they would show up on the exam! – Shanti


    1. Remember that this process is like a marathon. Finish the race. Doesn't matter if you finish last. Complete the course and finish the race. – Karen


    1. Career Advice for Public Accountants: Pace yourself. Tax Season is tough, but create a schedule to not overdue it. Stay healthy and continue to eat healthy during those times of the year. If you go too hard too fast, you'll burn out of accounting too soon. Once again, pace yourself. – Bryan


    1. Don't ever give up. If you don't pass, change your approach and keep moving forward. – Jennifer


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