Healthy Snacks for CPA Exam Studying

15 Feb 2012

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Chris is a personal friend of mine. He is a Muay Thai instructor and has trained some of the best Mixed Martial Arts fighters in the world, including a few that recently fought for UFC® titles. Chris is a health nut, so I asked him if him if he would write an article about healthy snacks for CPA Exam Studying. – Jeff

So, it’s ‘CPA Exam Study Time’ and you’re starting to get that little grumble in your tummy. If you’re like most people, you’ll shoot down to the closest Taco Bell and snag up a couple of ‘double decker’s,’ but you’re not like most people, right?! ?

Maybe you’re a little more ‘health conscious’ than the ‘average Joe’ and you’re looking to score some REAL brain food. Well, luckily for you, I have the tips that can get your brain in check! Today I’m going to hook you up with some REAL snack advice. Cause’ let’s face it, most of what’s out there is complete garbage! I’m tired of seeing people fuel their bodies incorrectly and I’m on a mission to change that!

What I’m about to give you are my THREE best foods for studying – this especially goes for all of you CPA-bound moneymakers out there! Why am I so passionate about this? Well, the honest truth is that pretty much all mainstream foods are geared to work AGAINST those striving to better their concentration levels, and I want to expose that.

What’s even crazier is that a lot of the foods people ‘THINK’ are good for productivity, are unfortunately the exact opposite!

So let’s see what’s really recommended for us to eat, if we want a smooth and productive study session…

Snack #1: The Great Goji Berry!

This is, by far, one of the most AWESOME fruits on the planet! Not only do these little berries taste like little pieces from heaven, they’re loaded with very powerful antioxidants, which can aid in preventing a wide range of diseases.

The Goji Berry originates from China (and a few other surrounding countries) and has been used in treating the body for somewhere around 5,000-6,000 years – yea, they’ve been around for quite some time now ?

The reason I strongly recommend these berries for a snack is because they can take the ‘hunger edge off’ all while giving your body what it really needs. They’re loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and have over 18 trace minerals that can really put the body in check – now that’s some brain food!

Ohhh, and just to note, they’re typically found in dried form and are sold in packages – kind of like raisins. And be careful of the current and growing ‘Goji Juice Invasion!’ Although they’re ok to drink in moderation, most of these drinks are loaded with added sugar – not so good for cramming that fun CPA material. Make sure to get certified organic ones too.


One thing I LOVE about nuts (like almonds) is how great they are at curbing those nasty hunger cravings. I got on the ‘almond hustle’ about two years ago and am SO glad I did! I really don’t think that I’ve gone more than a couple days without eating a handful of almonds.

So, what’s so great about them? Well, for starters, they’re awesome little disease preventers, studies show that just a few almonds per day can increase one’s chances of avoiding some pretty nasty ailments – and isn’t that something we all want?

Almonds can be summed up with three words, “fiber, protein, and fat.” Now, why are these key macronutrients vital in keeping your brain in check? Well, it’s simple actually – they’re blood sugar friendly!

One thing, which most people do wrong while studying, is to consume foods that ‘jump and plummet’ blood sugar levels – sodas, grains, and candy do this quite nicely.

Yea, no more Skittles for your ‘cram sessions’ either…

I’m on a mission to expose the fact that if one’s blood sugar is off balance, workflow, and productivity will most definitely take a giant hit! So if you truly want to ACE that next exam, you MUST take into account how well you’re keeping your sugar levels in check!

The goal is to keep your glucose levels balanced so you can stay productive and get your work done – nuts, like almonds, can accomplish this task quite nicely. So try to always have some on hand- raw, certified organic whenever possible.

Also, an apple, pear, or whichever fruit you like can accompany almonds quite nicely too! Almonds with ‘high-sugar fruits,’ are a great combo because they slow the absorption of sugar into the body. In other words…no crash! And you get hours of productivity in exchange!

Snack #3: Jerky!

Jerky! Ohhh how I love me some Jerky! Now, I MUST clarify that not all jerky is created equal – there are many imposters out there! Why the imposter input you ask? Well for starters, most conventional selections are loaded with additives that can cause some VERY serious problems – pancreatic cancer to be a little more specific.

And yes, I do have the studies to prove this! Let me put it to you like this: nitrates are VERY scary and there is NO logical reason to consume this additive – EVER!

Ok, so I’ve told you that nitrate-ridden dried meats are a big no-no, so which ones are good to buy? Luckily, when it’s time to hit the books, you can hit up Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or your local health food store for some tasty organic, nitrate-free, pasture-quality beef jerky!

The downside with some of these selections is how they’re loaded with soy, something we are about 95% against – but this is a MUCH better alternative to buy than the ones loaded with nitrates. The simple truth is that in this day and age, we can’t always eat perfectly! All we can do is ‘our best,’ and that’s already good enough if you ask me.

What’s bad about soy is how most is of GMO (genetically modified) quality. I won’t go into heavy detail here, but you can check out our website for more info on all that as well.

The honest truth is that soy is quite hard to avoid – it’s in almost everything! If you munch on it from time to time, don’t stress on it too hard. As stated above, foods, like jerky, will NOT be raising your sugar levels – you can rest assured that it’s not an issue here.

My favorite Great Combo:

A combo I love to eat when it’s time to hit the books or research is about 6 ounces of meat (steak, pork or chicken), and a sliced up avocado with lemon and Himalayan salt – perfect combo!

Now, when I say this combo is bomb, it really is! Pretty cheap, quick to make, and very satisfying – only 6 minutes to throw together!

And we’re just scratching the surface here! I literally have dozens more tips so don’t hesitate to hit us up if you want some more information. In the mean time, if you want some of the best health/fitness information out there, click this link!

There, you’ll be able to download our products and video completely FREE! So you can get your health, energy and vitality back ASAP! And let’s face it, becoming a CPA can be tough at times, wouldn’t it be great to have the mental alertness and clarity you deserve, as well as a perfectly functioning body to go through that exam at your fullest potential?

Thank you so much for checking out this post.

Hit us up anytime at if you have any questions or even if you just want to say ‘hi!’

Stay energized!

– Chris

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Michael (@enjoytheworkout) 12 years ago

Great post! I've implemented some of these very snack suggestions last fall and they made a big difference in my ability to concentrate. I began eating simple macro-nutrients like you mentioned: lean meat, almonds, avocados, etc. while also making fresh juices at the same time to increase my intake of micro-nutrients. I passed my first two exams last fall (test #6 & #7) and I give credit of my passing grades to my change in diet.