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18 Oct 2008

My FAR Experience

I'm only on Disc 6 out of 13 of Yaeger‘s FAR program. I was out of town last week for work…got minimal studying done because I was…lazy. Yada Yada.

I have a only a few days to get through this program. Most would say that I'm too behind to still take the exam on Friday. I'm not most people. Don't underestimate my ability to cram like a madman and have success. See: AUD (35 hours).

Stress and anxiety is exactly what I need to study and pass this exam. Why couldn't I just be a normal candidate and do it the right way?

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still tryin 16 years ago

You are a normal candidate, I'm sure we've all seen that person that didn't study at all but had to take the test because their NTS was expiring. At least you're doing better than that.

Anonymous 16 years ago


Don't forget to reward yourself after passing this last section. You've put some much time into the exam and your career, that you need to do something for yourself when you're actually done.

Again, Goodluck!!

Adri 16 years ago

i think cramming is the way to go, always. i forget stuff that i learned a month ago. usually, i'm only halfway through the materials the week before the test. the pressure makes studying exciting!

Anonymous 16 years ago

I'm sure you'll pass it, remember you've passed this section before. After that you'll finally be a CPA. It only took you like a million tries, haha just kidding, congratulations and best of luck.

CNA 16 years ago

You'll do great!

Keep on cramming!

Anonymous 16 years ago

Personally I would reschedule since you have the whole month of November available to take the exam. You will pay a fee but at least you would have covered all the material.

another71.com 16 years ago

I'm still assuming that I'm going to take it Friday. The point of no return will be Wed...I'll know by then.

I checked and it's $95 to reschedule at this point. If I can suck it up and 1. get through the material and 2. do the requisite MCQs to review, I'm going for it. :)

Anonymous 15 years ago

You are wrong, you ARE the normal candidate. Very few people do a study plan and actually stick with it without taking a "lazy" break.

Anonymous 15 years ago

If cramming works for you then its a way to go but the best way to deal is make a schedule. I have already cleared AUD (81) in Aug, took REG on OCT 5th (hoping some thing in range of 85-90), preparing for BEC currently, taking exam on NOV 10th and FAR on Jan 5th. Only way I could do this,is tried and tested method of making shedule and stick to it like liquid nail.

Prepare the goal (e.g. taking exam on a particular day), break it down to a week and then a day. Consider holiday or special events if want and stick to it. Works like a charm.

Anyone know when the results for REG should come out for state of FL?