Playing the Waiting Game After the CPA Exam

07 Dec 2015


JennyJenny is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Test day has come and gone. What a fun way to spend a Saturday! (Note the sarcasm.)

I woke up on exam day like normal. I didn't have to be at the testing center until 1:30 so there was no rush.

I sat down and did a few questions (as my husband said) to “get my mind ready.”

I didn't want to spend a lot of time on studying because I was afraid I would panic. Plus I had a professor in college drill into my brain you shouldn't study on test day.

He always said, “don't know on test day, won't know it for the test”. I did glance at my notes briefly before I took off for the test.

I took nothing with me in the car except my IDs and ticket for the exam. I didn't want to make myself panic before walking in.

Not sure how I feel about the exam. On the plus side all the topics I saw were somehow asked when studied the NINJA MCQ.

I am just not confident I selected the correct answers. I am pretty sure I got the same question asked in each testlet but worded slightly differently. I don't know if that is a good sign or not.

Now I wait for the results. It looks like I might be on the edge of a score release so I might not have to wait long!! Waiting for the results for the next plan. I am trying to decide which section to tackle next.

Spousal Insight

In years past I would have driven her to the exam and pretty much acted like a chauffeur. However, with 4 kids all I could do is wish her luck and just tell her to TAKE HER TIME.

Now that we are in a bit of a down swing, it is a matter of trying to help her figure out her next steps. Unfortunately, EVERYTHING hinges on her results.

NINJA is a completely different type of system. And so far, from what I can see……I am quite impressed. Now for me to support her no matter what the result.

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