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Misha 14 years ago

i would like to avail the free Regulation course. I have heard a lot about your review course and hope that your regulation videos will help me to better understand the subject and achieve the goal.

Charles Adiukwu 14 years ago

Need the free regulation course please. Thanks

Jeff - another71.com 14 years ago

The free REG videos come with the "Get Instant Access Now" Button. -Jef

Bonnie 14 years ago

Hi Jeff, my name's Bonnie from the Philippines. Sorry for posting this here, couldn't find a contact page. Anyway, I have a little website catering to CPA Board Exams as well but it's targeted towards Filipino aspiring accountants, is there a chance that I could get your book and post it there as well? I just think it would be helpful to those who visit my blog. Anyway, let me know! Thanks!