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Used NINJA only! Purchased the 10 Pt Combo.” – BoutTimeforCPA (AUD 98, REG 93, FAR 86, BEC 84)


Fully updated for July 2016

All NINJA Materials – Bundled

Bonus: 1 Year of NINJA MCQ

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“I just did a set of REG NINJA MCQ and a sim on my iPad mini and it worked great!!!! Love the links in the answers to terms/AL within the explanation! The dashboard displaying the study history is like an instant accountability check; love it!!! – Kara P

“I added the Ten Point Combo and NINJA Method to Becker and increased my AUD score from a 58 to an 87 in one testing window!! I will certainly be buying the REG & FAR Ten Point Combos to finish my CPA journey.” – GriffinCPA

“Audit was my last section and I had failed twice with a 69 and a 71. I use Becker. So, I ordered the “Ten Point Combo”…and got a 22 point INCREASE.” – Legit44


Complete Combo Includes:

NINJA BLITZ x 4 ($508)

NINJA MCQ x 4 ($497)

Bonus: 1 Year MCQ Upgrade

NINJA Book x 4 ($388)

NINJA Audio x 4 ($388)

NINJA MCQ Audio x 4 ($388)

NINJA Notes x 4 ($268)

NINJA Flashcards x 4 ($188)

Total Price: $2,625

Discount: <$1,328>

Combo Price: $1,297


Your Products are saving my life.” – Rebecca L.

“For my 3rd attempt at the AUD section, I used the NINJA Notes and flashcards to supplement the Becker MCQ… and BAM! My score jumped 14 points to a passing score of 79 with just 1 month of studying. Jeff, these notes and flashcards are fantastic…” -SJ

“Well first time taking Audit and I got an 89! Yahoooooo! I first thank God for strength and discipline. I would also like to say thanks to Jeff. I really believe NINJA Flash Cards and Audio made a difference.” -Fred


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