CPA Reviewed 42 – Finish an MS in Accounting after 150 Hours?

17 May 2013


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Today's CPA Reviewed Questions:

  1. Jared – I took Audit, used my video course, NINJA notes and Wiley TB and I got my worst score ever. I left the exam feeling super confident and now I do not know where to go. I am taking BEC at the end of May and I am thinking of putting Audit away for a while and starting fresh with either REG or FAR. Which do you suggest I go after first? Do you think I need a new course?
  1. Nabeel – I failed my first attempt at FAR. I’m having a hard time retaining the information. Do you have any tips for easy ways to get points so I can pass?
  1. Ken – I started studying for REG in February, and I’m scheduled to take the exam in May. Do you have any words of encouragement?
  1. Gayle – What % of candidates pass all four parts of the CPA Exam on their first try?
  1. Rose – I am currently studying for REG, and I’m struggling with Contract Law, particularly common law. I have read the Wiley chapter twice, read the NINJA Notes a few times, and spent one entire day watching videos by a law professor on YouTube. I felt like I had a good grasp on the material until I practiced MCQs. Do you have any words of wisdom?
  1. Chad – I have passed BEB but failed FAR and AUD by 4 and 5 points. Do you know of any tutoring available to help me raise my score?
  1. Mykel – I have failed FAR and AUD, and I’m lost on what to do next. Before each exam, I was averaging at least 75 on the Wiley MCQs, but I come up short on the actual exam. What should I do?
  1. Kevin – I graduated in 2009, and now I’m ready to study for the CPA Exam, but I don’t know where to start. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a review course unless I have a solid plan. My current job is unrelated to accounting, so I may need a refresher on some of the concepts. What do you recommend I do?
  1. Rebecca – I am a student in an MS Accounting program, and I’m only 12 hours away from the 150 hour threshold required to sit for the CPA Exam. But I lack the work experience requirement for licensure. I am thinking about quitting the MS program after I complete the twelve hours I need and studying for the exam instead. Is this a good idea? Or should I complete the masters program first?
  1. Eric – Can you please explain how the 18 month rule works? How do I know when my credit will expire?
  1. Brandon – In your opinion, how important are the performance measures included on each score report?
  1. Spencer – For the simulation portion of the REG exam, will I be graded against others who had my SIMs or against the aggregate population of CPA candidates in general?
  1. Navneet – I passed CPA Exam in 2011, but now I am having difficulty getting a job with a CPA firm. I have 2 years of private company experience in the accounting department. Do you have any suggestions for finding a job?

Today's Facebook Questions:

  1. Brock – Is the 10 point combo enough study material to pass AUD? Or do you recommend purchasing an AUD review course and using the 10 point combo along with the purchased videos and book?
  1. JJ – Hey Jeff, my question relates to your ninja framework. I was looking over the framework and for the “note taking” section, I saw that it suggests taking good notes from whatever video course one may have. However, all I have are the Wiley books and testbank along with the ninja audio. Is it necessary to purchase a video course? So far I've been reading and taking notes from the Wiley texts; however I feel the organization in the books isn't the best. Do you suggest using the wiley texts and taking notes while reading through them? also, I tried your suggestion of taking a ton of mcqs before reg, but came out of the exam feeling more demoralized than ever – I'm guessing that's normal? Take care and thank you for all that you do!
  1. Lina – Advise to pass Reg? First time taking it.
  1. Jason – I was 7 points away from passing FAR. Having been stronger in the Sims comparatively, I feel like its just a matter of misreading the MCQ that got me. That said my class for REG is starting up and the next class for FAR isnt until September. Should I study on my own and attempt both within the July-Aug window?
  1. Tessa – How long do you suggest to review before the exam? I'll have time to allow six weeks to study, but I didn't know how fast I needed to get through the material to leave enough time for review. Should I plan on two weeks like my review course suggests?
  1. Labrita – Failed BEC with a 71:(. How do I study for a retake?

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