CPA Reviewed #72 – CPA Exam Score Release

08 Nov 2016


By Jeff

1. Joe – My question is should I challenge my BEC score of a 73 when I am stronger in all categories except for Written Communications?

2. Alex – 74 on REG – should I ask for a re-score?

3. Arjun – I scored a 28 … 41 on FAR. What is going on?

4. Mir – Any advice for CPA candidates struggling with Auditing SIMS?

5. Carrie – Failed FAR 4x. Re-study in 23 days?

6. Daniel – Trending at 97% on NINJA MCQ, but failed – what???

7. Kajal – Passed FAR and REG, but can't seem to pass BEC and AUD.

8. Carley – What to do if I'm weaker on EVERYTHING in FAR??

9. Keisha – Failed FAR and getting very discouraged!

10. Brian – How to stay motivated when you're working full time, a parent, and … exhausted.

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