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How to Study 20 Hours Per Week for the CPA Exam (N.I.N.J.A.)

VP says, hi, Jeff, your breakdown of 20 hours is doable, but how do I divide time between reading the NINJA Book, listening to the NINJA Audio, NINJA Blitz, and NINJA MCQ? Any pointers? Yeah, 20 hours per. Yep. You just follow the NINJA Study Framework, nail the concepts in the book, and then despite […]


18 Hour FAR CRAM This Weekend

NINJAs, Announcement! FAR CRAM: Hey Everyone – we are hosting a 2-day FAR CRAM this Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm Central. This has been in the works for quite some time and I’m glad it’s now a reality. The goal of the CRAM is to cover the must-know content for FAR (and as you […]

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Should You Practice Sitting for the CPA Exam | Is AMT Still Testable

Hey, do you think I should practice sitting in four-hour increments? No, I don’t. So I think you, should do your sets of 20, let’s say that you’re, working at, MCQ do your set of 20. Get up, walk around five minutes, come back. Now. The danger for that is that you’ll never come back, […]

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Free CPA Review Materials | CPA Review For Free vs Free Trials

And Denise says, Hey, Jeff, what do you think about free CPA review materials, such as CPA Review for Free? Does NINJA CPA Review have a free trial? If so, what’s the difference? Yeah, so most people supplement and it’s a combination of a paid supplement, a free supplement, even if you’re just studying. Or […]

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Brian 10 years ago

@54-Year Old Tax Expert -- you are likely old enough to be grandfathered in for licensing requirements without 150 hours in most states if as you said "pass a section of the exam by the specified date". If you are tax expert -- take REG first and knock it out of the park. @Dude looking to take the exam but doesn't meet the requirements of his state -- Register under the Colorado jurisdiction as Jeff suggested. Get licensed in Colorado. If you are not in public accounting and work in industry you can still put CPA on your business cards and e-mail signatures which are considered internal communications. You can include the designation on websites like LinkedIn as well but just clarify that you are licensed in the state of Colorado. You will have to meet the requirements to take the exam in your state if you ever want to transfer the license through reciprocity from Colorado to your state. I live/work in Kansas and have been a licensed CPA under the Colorado State Board of Accountancy for 2 years now (CPE requirements current). I will be transferring the license to Kansas this December through reciprocity when I graduate with an MBA to complete my 150 hour requirement. Don't wait to take the exam, knock it out now. The 150 hour rule is garbage and doesn't make you a better CPA. I passed all sections on the first try with 125 hours.

Jeff - 10 years ago

Good stuff, Brian.