CPA Reviewed #50 – CPA Exam Q&A

18 Oct 2013



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Joseph – I am a 44 year old professional that would like to accomplish one of my all time goals: passing the CPA Exam. It has been 15 years since I was in school. What is your opinion on the most effective way get up to speed on the new exam content, requisites and review methods?

Michael – I'm having a hard time finding someone to verify my work experience as required by my state. I had a disagreement with my old boss and now I'm working on my own and can't find anyone to verify my work experience. The state requires that a CPA, from any state, verify that I worked for 1 year in public accounting, which I have been doing. What should I do?

Greg – As I watch lecture videos and take notes, how detailed should my notes be? Does it make a difference if I type or handwrite the notes? How do I incorporate my lecture videos, the text, and NINJA Notes?

Andrew – I have failed REG twice, but raised my score ten points (to a 74) after buying the Ten Point Combo. Would you suggest watching the review course videos again and taking notes, or re-writing the NINJA notes while listening to the NINJA audio? I still plan to hit the MCQs either way.

Christina – Does the AICPA grade you on the number of MCQ questions you answered or the total MCQ questions in the test? So, if I only answered 80 out of the 90 MCQ, do they grade me on just those 80 or the total 90?

Lauren – How many questions in each FAR testlet are pretest?

Myles – How should I study during the last week before my exam?

Chris – Where can I find the codification tutorial for FAR? Is there a free resource?

Justin – Say I had two research questions on my Audit exam. Is there any chance that they both count? And how much does each count for? Are they equal weight to the other questions in the Sims?

Carmela – FAR has a massive amount of information to memorize. I am studying the Fixed Assets section, and there is so many formulas. How do you remember everything?

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