Crazy Life: New Job, Wedding and Audit Exam

06 Jul 2016


Joshua GraunkeJoshua is a NINJA CPA blogger.

After a long 8 weeks of prepping for Audit, combined with a rough exam (in my mind), I am ready for a 2-week break from studying.

I will get my score on the next release date, and until then I am totally decompressing before getting back in the books.

It feels great to not have a book in front of me every night and it makes me that much more motivated to get this exam done.

It has been a crazy few months for me at work and in wedding prep, and after a long 2 months of my job being in flux, I have found a new position in my firm. Better yet, my new position will take me to southern California right after my wedding.

While having to move adds quite a bit more stress to the ever growing pile of stressful things in my life, I would not be more excited for a life change and starting married life in my fiancées home state.

My current plan for the next exam is pretty straightforward for me; I am locked in to Audit until I finish. If I fail this recent attempt (gulp), I will get right back in to the subject and re-test in early August and again until it’s done.

If I manage to scrape out a pass, I will crack down on REG and knock out my last exam before we move in September. The window to get done before these big life changes is closing quickly, and I don’t have the privilege of goofing off with my studies anymore.

Overall, I am happy to have gotten these two study-free weeks with Renae, and I am ready to get back to the books once I see my result.

I have a lot of exciting things happening in my life, and I know that I will be able to enjoy them a heck of a lot more once these exams are behind me.

As much as I hate waiting, I will enjoy these last few days of being away from my studies. Best of luck to all who are awaiting their scores!


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