Crush the CPA Exam

Crush the CPA Exam is a CPA Review Course ranking website run by Bryce Welker, who according to the website “is a regular contributor to Forbes,, and Business Insider. After graduating from San Diego State University he went on to earn his Certified Public Accountant license and created to share his knowledge and experience to help other accountants become CPAs too.”

How does Crush the CPA Exam rank CPA Review courses?

Crush the CPA lists several factors in ranking their CPA review courses [1]:

  • User Interface
  • Value
  • Support
  • Customer Feedback
  • Dashboard
  • Content
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Financing and Access

How does Crush the CPA Exam make money?

Crush the CPA Exam makes money through affiliate links (commissions) and partnerships.

So how do we actually make money? It’s simple, our partners compensate us. While this may influence which products we review and write about, and where they show up on the site, it absolutely does not influence our recommendations or guidance, which are formed by hundreds of hours of research and analysis.” [2]

What is the Best CPA Review course according to Crush the CPA Exam?

Crush the CPA Exam ranks the courses in the following order (as of May 23, 2020) [3]:

  1. Surgent CPA Review
  2. Wiley CPAexcel
  3. Becker CPA Review
  4. Roger CPA Review
  5. Gleim CPA Review
  6. Fast Forward Academy
  7. Yaeger CPA Review

Why does Crush the CPA Exam rank Surgent CPA Review #1?

Crush the CPA Exam states that Surgent CPA Review has “The best CPA exam prep course technology, hands down.” [4]

Crush the CPA lists Surgent CPA Review's Pros as:

  • Most Innovative Technology
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Intuitive Dashboard

Crush the CPA doesn't list any cons for Surgent CPA.

Each of the other CPA Review courses in Crush the CPA Exam's top-7 CPA Exam Review course ranking has at least one con listed.

Why does Crush the CPA Exam rank Wiley CPAexcel #2?

Crush the CPA Exam states that Wiley CPAexcel's “Bite-sized lectures make this CPA Review Course easy to study on tight schedules.” [5]

Crush the CPA lists Wiley CPAexcel's Pros as:

  • Bite-Sized Topics
  • TONS of Multiple Choice Questions
  • Unlimited Use

Crush the CPA lists Wiley CPAexcel's Cons as:

  • Best For Independent Self Studiers

Why does Crush the CPA Exam rank Becker CPA Review #3?

Crush the CPA Exam states that “This quality CPA Review Course is backed up and endorsed by Big 4 accounting firms” [6]

Crush the CPA lists Becker's CPA Review's Pros as:

  • Mobile App
  • Flexible Format
  • Instructors

Crush the CPA lists Becker CPA Review's Cons as:

  • Audio Content

What CPA Review Discounts does Crush the CPA Exam have?

Crush the CPA Exam has discounts for most CPA Review courses: [7]

  • Surgent CPA Review Discount (Exclusive)
  • Wiley CPAexcel Discount (Exclusive)
  • Roger CPA Review Discount
  • Fast Forward Academy Discount
  • Yaeger CPA Review Discount
  • Universal CPA Review Discount



What is the Crush the CPA Exam Study Guide?

The Crush the CPA Exam study guide has tips and tricks that helped Bryce Welker pass the CPA Exam, as explained in this video:

Crush the CPA Exam Review: Final Thoughts

Bryce Welker and I are sort of competitors in that we each run CPA Exam-related websites.

He seems like a nice enough guy and I like that he breaks down the pros and cons of some of the courses.

For reasons unknown to me, however, NINJA CPA Review is not even listed in his top-10.

I'm not saying we're #1, but Investopedia says we're a top-5 course and the best overall price.

(They don't appear to have any affiliate relationships with courses, either).

Even reddit, which pulls no punches, has mostly-positive things to say about NINJA.

In my view, things also get slippery when there are money/incentives involved, so I stay away from “ranking” any CPA Review courses.

Like Bryce, I am an affiliate of these courses. I am also a competitor of the courses and want to remain as objective as possible (and disclose any inherent bias).

I simply lay out the features and benefits and let the customer decide which CPA Review course is “best” for them. That's my preferred path.

Things also get slippery when there are money/incentives involved, so I stay away from “ranking” any CPA Review courses.

Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS) –
Disclosure: This site owns NINJA CPA Review and has affiliate/promotional partnerships with other CPA Review courses (we're cool like that) and may be compensated if you purchase through one of our links (at no cost to you).

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