Working Around Distractions While Studying BEC

31 Aug 2015


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What a week. I think I did everything but study. I can't even blame it on having no time.

Sure things were crazy and the schedule was full but there were windows of time I could have put some study time in. I just let those windows of time slip on by.

We are busy getting my mom's house ready for sale. As a result, I now have an extra large desk. It’s going to be great once its set up but right now it's a large mess.

Unfortunately I am letting this mess keeping me from studying BEC. It’s amazing how much more fun cleaning is when I have to study.

I did try to squeeze in the [A71 product=”flashcards”]NINJA flashcards and audio this week. This gave me at least some exposure to the material.

This week is over, I can't dwell on the missed opportunities to study. All I can do is move forward.

Spousal Insight

Life has a way of creeping into our lives. It always amazes how quickly the little things in life can distract us from studying.

I am saying this mostly from my own experience when I was studying for the actuarial exams (of which I passed one, then stopped).

No matter how hard I tried, EVERYTHING looked more entertaining to me than studying. It could have been the tiniest thing that was the lowest on my priority list to do, but it bothered me SO much that I had to take care of it. As a result, my studying efforts failed.

Now that my wife is studying again, I am seeing the same thing happen, but this time to her. Unfortunately, with everything going on this past week, it is VERY difficult to get off the distraction train.

Because we are getting my mother-in-law’s house ready to sell, I have become Mr. Fix It, and as a result my wife had to watch the kids.

HOWEVER, I found it very refreshing that she found a way to not only feed a baby a bottle, but also arrange her flash cards so she could study at the same time. PROPS TO HER for figuring that out!

With all of this going on, we find ourselves pressing on. The house will get listed soon, and that is one less thing to be distracted by.

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