Finding CPA Exam Review Courses That Boost Your MCQ Strength

Multiple choice questions loom large in the Uniform CPA Exam. They are the tool that the CPA Exam uses to test how well you can actually apply generic accounting concepts. But while MCQs should be the most important part of your preparation, you may find they are often the weakest area in most CPA exam review courses.

You’ll consider a variety of factors in choosing a review course: your budget, learning techniques that work best for you, suitability for your lifestyle. Add the course’s strength in preparing you for MCQs, and you’ll have a winner!

Top Rated Review Courses Emphasize MCQs

Here’s how five CPA Exam review courses considered among the best handle MCQ preparation:

Roger CPA Review

The Premier course gives you 5,000 practice questions along with books and customizable study planners. The Elite course adds 42 hours of audio lectures, flashcards, and CRAM course. Students can log in at any hour of the day through the modern online platform.

Expert CPA moderators man a homework help center and provide assistance when students need help with accounting concepts. In 2015 Roger CPA Review added a range of diagnostic tools. Add to these features the entertaining video lectures of founder Roger Philipp totaling more than 100 hours.

Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Course offers 12,000 multiple choice and 600 simulations. Multiple Choice Quiz apps, as well as Flashcard Mobile apps, are available for Android and iPhone. The Platinum Course delivers diagnostic charts and analysis and online personalized exam plans.

The PC-based learner will find the Platinum Course well suited. The Platinum Course offers online or DVD short lectures ranging in length from a couple of minutes to 30 minutes. This version differs from the original Wiley CPA Exam Review, which is now sold as a self-study pack and includes only a book and test bank.

Gleim CPA Review System

Gleim CPA Review, with more than 10,000 multiple choice and simulations, has a reputation for questions that are tricky. That makes Gleim CPA review good supplementary practice test material for any CPA candidate trying to pass the CPA Exam with another 5 or 10 points.

Both Gleim packages offer textbooks and review content. They come with audio lectures, online study planner and a personal CPA counselor. The cost of Gleim Premium CPA Review System places this review course among the most affordable offered by major CPA review providers.

Yaeger CPA Review Course

The Yaeger Quiz Engine make the Yaeger CPA Review Course stand out. The full course offers an online student portal with multiple-choice questions and exam simulators. The portal also provides video lectures, custom study plan calendar, flash cards, and much more. Each in-depth lecture usually lasts about an hour and features Dr. Phil Yaeger leading students through the multiple-choice questions and tricks on the CPA Exam. These lectures focus on the right topics that are tested on the CPA.

CPA Review Course Reviews & Ratings Help You Pick

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