Four Weeks In: How I’m Studying for REG

21 Jun 2017


Aida is a NINJA CPA blogger.

I am on the fourth week of studying REG. So far it feels pretty good– I’ve already covered ethics and responsibilities, half of business law and individual taxation. This is what I’ve learned during the process:

I split the computer screen so that I can see multiple resources at the same time in the simulation section (you can try it in the AICPA sample exam).

I made notecards and stuck them under the keyboard at work. Every 15 minutes I grab one and test myself to see if I remember the content of the notecard.

Unfortunately, I am now skipping lunches with my colleagues at work – instead I spend an hour or so to go through multiple choices.

I believe (a colleague at work confirmed this) the exam covers conceptual legal concepts versus percentages and numbers that change every year.

Try to identify your weakest section – spend extra time on that section, review books and notes.

I’ve been dealing with an extremely busy time at work. I have to say it is a great challenge to keep yourself motivated and to use your time wisely. I strongly believe, however, that it is possible.

It is only one period of your life. So let’s do it.

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