Free NINJA Flashcards – (expired)

23 Apr 2012


The NINJAs can sense that tax season took its toll on CPA Exam candidates. Instead of the 17th, they voted for Tax Day to be Friday the 13th, but no one asked them.

They've done a 1040 or two in their day (and 941, 940, sales tax, etc. etc. extensions etc. etc.). They feel your pain.

Today (and today only…the NINJAs enjoy e-mail, but thousands of attachments in a day will drive anyone to drink…) the NINJAs are giving away a FREE NINJA Flashcard App of your choice.

Want FAR? You get FAR.
Want AUD? Consider it done.
Want … well, you get the point.

Like/Tweet this post and share it with your friends taking the Exam so they can get free flashcards too.

Everything you need for Free Flashcards is HERE

Update: Giveaway is over, but you can register on the CPA Exam Forum for the next giveaway – when it happens.

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Simran Singh 12 years ago

After the exam I will celebrate by taking a 11 day trip to Hawaii with my significant other. For the first half of the trip I would like to hike around Kauai and Maui nature trails. I would also love the opportunity to hike up a volcano, and possibly view lava flow from a safe location, if possible. For the second half of the trip we would spend our time in a resort relaxing by the poolside and enjoying ocean waves.