A Fresh Perspective to Studying for the CPA Exam

16 Sep 2016


JennyJenny is a NINJA CPA blogger.

First day of school is in the air. My Facebook is covered with smiling little children excited to start, and frowning teenagers tired of having their picture taken once again.

I am excited to say that my husband and I are going to be joining the first day of school pictures this week. My older two kids are entering kindergarten and they are so excited.

Something about a new school year just motivates me to study. I know it sounds crazy, but I have to look for motivation in the strangest places. There is just something about opening a fresh notebook that has clean pages waiting for notes. I think I have begun to lose it.

Studying for the CPA Exam is slowly getting better. I have at least been able to make some time each day to sit in front of my computer and tackle as many multiple choice questions as I can.

I love how I can set up the NINJA MCQ software to work on questions for a set time period. I set up a section of questions and set the time period of say 20 mins and I work on as many questions as I can.

At this point, it is not about the quantity of questions I can get done, but rather it is about the quality and my ability to retain the information.

Just like the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

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