Like the Olympics: Getting Your CPA Gold Medal

17 Aug 2016


JennyJenny is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Olympic fever is in the air. I just love watching the Olympics, especially the summer games. My favorite event to watch is women’s gymnastics.

The dedication and sacrifice these athletes display are just amazing.

They will spend years training, some away from family, so they can represent their country and stand on a podium with a gold medal around their neck. I am just in awe of this dedication.

Studying for the CPA exam can be compared to getting ready for an athletic event. It takes days of dedication and sacrifice. You have to stay focus on the material until you see that ultimate gold medal score of 75.

Studying here is slowly getting back on track. I am making it my goal to study something everyday, even if that is just a flashcard or two.

I do not have an exam date set, but do have an idea when I want to sit. I have read through the NINJA materials and rewrote the NINJA Notes once.

Now I am working through as many questions as I can each day. If I answer incorrectly, I write down the explanation and keep working on retaining the information.

Just like an Olympic athlete, I will stay focused on my goal and will pass the CPA Exam.

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