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Ask the NINJAs – Failed FAR with a 73


Dear NINJAs,

I passed BEC, then failed AUD, and I am now retaking FAR for the third time after scoring a 69 and a 73.

I am re-working all of the questions and focusing on the weaker areas since most of the material is pretty fresh in my mind.

What else should I do to ensure I pass the exam? ~Ana


Dear Ana,

You're very close (as you know) … but this ain't horseshoes, hand grenades, or throwing stars.

Steps for Success:

    1. Make sure you're utilizing the NINJA Study Framework and the ELL Plan.


    1. Watch the How to Study for the CPA Exam Video . Our guess is that you are not re-writing your notes. Try that.


    1. Do not cut corners. Study for this exam like you scored a 33, not a 73.


    1. Want to OWN Governmental Accounting? – use these Free NINJA Notes.




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Andria - Another71



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