Humbled by NINJA MCQs

15 Jun 2015


Joshua GraunkeJosh is a NINJA CPA blogger

Logging in to NINJA MCQ for the first time is a little bit surreal. This test that I’ve always seen on the horizon as a goal to shoot for is finally here.

No turning back now, I’ve humble bragged about this too much on Facebook to chicken out and not get my certification.

I decided to try the MCQs for 30 questions and just have an idea of where I stand.

After all, I just finished 12 accounting credits this week, 6 of which are subjects for FAR (government and advanced accounting), so I should be good to go. Or, so I thought.


Looking at that number on my screen, thinking that I could have guessed straight C and probably scored higher on the MCQs was a humbling experience to say the least.

At this point, I thought how one of my favorite quotes summarized this situation for me perfectly; “Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.”

Well, 8 out of 30 questions correctly answered was a straight uppercut to the jaw of my ego and a wakeup call as to how far I have to go to get through this test.

After laughing a bit at how much I underestimated this test, I cracked open my books and started burning through the first chapter with fresh motivation.

I can already feel the aches of continuous writing that I got back in college after marathon lectures in class. It’s a feeling I need to get comfortable with real quickly, and push through to make sure I don’t miss a single detail of the lecture videos and MCQ explanations.

It’s a funny feeling to be in your mid 20’s and tell people you can’t go out because you have to study. One friend even said “Oh man, I hope this doesn’t become a trend.” I told him I would text him a picture of myself now and then so he wouldn’t forget what I look like.

I now have a new horizon, and that is the end of these tests. I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving towards it. July 25th is slowly approaching, and I feel mental fatigue after 2 chapters.

It’s going to be a long summer.

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Gary 9 years ago

Yes, studying REG. The them repeatedly, until your sick of them. Now, start again!!! Lol, It is a "major" challenge!

Gary 9 years ago

Oops on the syntax. "Take them repeatedly."

Guelmarie Vazquez 9 years ago

I know the feeling... It was a "trend" for me for about two yrs but it can be done. I just passed my last part. Hang in there and good luck!!

axt113 9 years ago

I know the feeling Josh I'm doing AUD and scored in the low 50's on my first set of problems But at least now I know where I'm strong and where I'm weak Back to reviewing and taking intense notes on those sections, hopefully the next set I'll be over 70 (Then I'll go back and re-review again and hopefully push myself into the upper 80's or low 90's, planning to take the test once I can consistently score in the low 90's on the MCQ's)