Nightly BEC Routine: NINJA MCQ + Flashcards

29 Oct 2015


JennyJenny is a NINJA CPA blogger.

Studying with kids is very challenging. Especially when the two four year olds are expressing their independence and attitudes.

Add to that two eleven month olds who suddenly decided that they want to try to stand and have found the world of objects on table tops and big kid toys with small parts. There is never a dull moment and it's hardly ever quiet.

There is not a time when I sit to study that I don't hear screaming or crying in the background. It's hard to stay focused and at times I feel like I read the same sentence over and over.

However, I am not regretting my decision to move my BEC exam. I should have sat for it this past weekend and there was no way. I rescheduled for November.

Trying to get my confidence up that I will be ready. NINJA MCQ and Flashcards are now part of my nightly routine.

Spousal Insight

Now is the time when this gets difficult. With less than one month to go is the hardest stretch. And unfortunately, this is the time when distractions can take over and EVERY little tiny thing can completely derail the train…..not just make it jump tracks.

As a spouse, the role we must play is the supporting spouse and the one that tries to keep everything else going. Sure it might not be perfect, but you can only do your best.

Keep your head down and study and only look up when your exam is done. The kids will still be fed, they will be clothed, the house will still stand.

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