My Love for Coffee + Audit Exam Time Crunch

29 May 2013


Adam is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

Over the past month I have been crunched to find the time to study adequately for my Audit exam. A coworker of mine recently left the company that I work for and thus left me with a hefty learning curve and double job duties for a while until we are able to hire a replacement.

After spending ten hours a day trying to understand the new accounts I am responsible for at work all I want to do is watch TV and/or go to sleep when I get home. I’ve had to dig down deep and find some gumption inside of myself to stay motivated.

It’s been the little things that have helped sustain me through this busy season. Here are a few of the things that have been driving me day by day:

    • Passing my last two tests after failing the first two – Now that I know that I can actually pass these tests I am fueled to knock the other two out. Also, I know that my 18 month clock is ticking for REG and BEC!


    • My beautiful and wonderful wife – This woman has been incredibly encouraging and understanding through these busy months. Not to mention her shouldering the load of preparing meals, keeping up the laundry, and cleaning up after the endless trail of coffee cups I’ve left lying around.


    • Coffee! – I don’t think I can put it more eloquently then Mike Ditka a la the movie Kicking and Screaming when he said, “Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions”. I mean is there really a better beverage on earth? This nectar of the gods can get you through the early morning 5AM study sessions, or the late night 2AM ones.


    • – Reading about other people’s experiences from the exam or their studies always spurs me on. When I am having a tough time getting motivated to crack down and hit the books I go read a few blog posts from the site or check in on a message thread and get myself focused in.


These are a few of the things that come to mind that have helped me get through the busyness and difficulty of these past few months. It’s all about determination and finding the little things that can help get you over the proverbial hump.

Just thinking about these things and actually writing them out has helped me to more effectively utilize them. I would encourage you to think about what little things motivate you and make it a point to help you get through these exams.

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