No Time to Relax while Waiting on AUD Score

06 Jun 2013


Adam is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

My 5/25 audit exam is in the books and I am impatiently waiting for the results. Unfortunately, I am in a non-NASBA state so I will have to wait until 8AM on June 10th for my score.

I have a suspect feeling that my score is going to be in the 70’s, I’m just praying that it’s over 74.

When I began testing for CPA exams in 2012 I would give myself “breaks” while waiting for score results. Instead of a small break, I would fall completely off the wagon and end up taking two months off before studying again.

I passed my first exam in the final testing window of 2012 and dedicated myself to no breaks in 2013. I knew that my 18-month window had began to tick and I had to keep my focus on “slaying the dragon”.

I broke out the FAR material the day after my Audit exam but allowed myself to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and studied moderately. I have committed myself to the NINJA approach for FAR and am watching all the lectures and taking notes before working any multiple-choice questions.

This week I was able to make it through the first two chapters which I thought was pretty good considering it was a busy week at work. Month end closing starts this week at work which will slow down my studying, but hopefully it will keep my mind off of my pending Audit score.

As I begin my studies for FAR a quote from Winston Churchill about persevering has already began to ring true. It says , “If you are going through hell; keep going.”

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