Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Alex

11 Oct 2012


By Alex

Alex is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

Well, it’s kind of a moot point to ask how everyone is doing. As CPA candidates, the word “stress” cannot begin to describe the overwhelming feeling we all have in trying to prepare for each exam.

As for me, well, my name is Alex and I am a CPA candidate in Illinois. I was just approved by my State Board this past July to begin sitting.

The fact that my journey to become a CPA has brought me to this point is a bit surreal. You see, like so many others, I have been an adult student–raising a family, working full-time, and sometimes more than one job–all while earning both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.

What became a quick shock was when I began my review in early August! Wow! All those years, packed into 4 exams!!! LoL

For all those candidates and soon-to-be candidates, I found during a Google search, as I was just trying to gather some intel on some of the experiences that current candidates were going through in trying to prepare for each of their respective exams.

The blogs were priceless! I mean, you couldn’t pay enough for the type of information that was being blogged about. Although I had already ordered my review for FAR through another company, I chose to incorporate the NINJA Notes, Audio, and Flashcards.

Let me tell you, I feel as though the NINJA products really bring the material together–especially the flashcards, they’re my favorite.

I’m married, work full-time as an accountant, and do some work for several clients. I stay extremely busy. So, when I incorporated the ELL Schedule into my routine, I was amazed at how much study time I was able to fit in to my schedule without jeopardizing other responsibilities.

So, over the last couple of months I have been preparing “religiously” for FAR, which I am taking on November 16th. I’m not sure if I’m putting in too much study time into this one exam, or, if I will ever “feel” prepared enough for FAR, since I have heard it is the “beast” of all the exams, but I feel good about my progress so far.

As far as those just getting started with their review, I will say that support from friends and family is key. Although I haven’t taken my exam yet, I will say that my review has been pretty stress-free.

My wife and I sat down before I began my review and we talked about this whole process. She has been an angel and I love her so much for supporting me. If I could give any one piece of advice, it’s to find that support at home first. It will make the sacrifice a bit more bearable.