Studying for FAR + Learning to be Flexible

26 Oct 2012


By Alex

Alex is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Perhaps the greatest frustration with CPA candidates is being able to stick to your study schedule. Life's responsibilities have a way of really throwing a curveball at our study time.

Even when we try and stick to the ELL schedule religiously, work and family duties seem to become overwhelming.

I began feeling this way about a week ago. I have been studying for FAR, which I am scheduled to take on November 21st. I have felt as though I have given myself enough time to prepare.

However, some days the material just doesn’t “click” and when I add a few days of barely squeezing in my study time, the anxiety seems to become a volcano just waiting to erupt.

Be flexible. This was the advice of a friend of mine who is already a CPA. My friend told me that if candidates remind themselves that it’s ok to modify and adjust their reviews, the stress and anxiety could be greatly reduced.

His only footnote to this advice was to not constantly adjust study time because of laziness. The adjustments to study time must be made because of higher priority responsibilities.

I hope everyone is doing well with their reviews. Good luck to all!