Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Alex

01 Mar 2013


Alex is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow Accounting Lovers!

My name is Alex and I have been preparing for AUD for about 4 weeks, and have plenty of study time left with my exam coming up on 4/8/2013.

I have been following the NINJA Study Schedule rather closely, and I am combining those NINJA study techniques with my self-study materials.

This is my first time taking any section of the CPA exam, and I have tried to gather as much insight into the exam and exam prep as I can from my peers and great podcasts and blogs like!

I graduated from the University of Kentucky in Spring of 2011, took a wonderful vacation to Europe, then started working full-time as a local Internal Auditor. My position is mixed with some general accounting responsibilities, which constantly reminds me that I want to do more, and expand my opportunities with a CPA certification.

Luckily, I always planned on obtaining my CPA after college and had the necessary hours and qualifications by graduation. I decided I wanted to get settled in at my new job, enjoy the 2012 Championship Run (NCAA Men’s Basketball Champs!), relax and travel during the summer (VEGAS!!), and enjoy the holidays; but now, I am finished procrastinating and ready to advance my career.

I originally scheduled my AUD exam for the first week of January 2013. I quickly found out that the likelihood of staying focused around the holidays and following my strict studying schedule was slim, so I moved my test back to February 25th.

I started preparing for the exam and was a little beyond two weeks away from my test date, and again realized with my mom coming in town to visit, that I wouldn’t be able to study as diligently 10 out of the last 14 days before my. After talking with my parents, I decided to pay the $35 re-schedule fee and wait until April.

After taking a “break” with my mom, I am back to studying this week. I am taking this week to refresh what I have previously studied and to re-write my current notes.

Prior to moving my exam back to April, I felt good about the study material I had covered, I just knew that there was too much material left to cover, and that I wouldn’t have a full week to review prior to the test like I originally intended.

Now I am back close to ground zero, but am excited about finally taking my first section of the CPA exam in April! I’ll talk to you soon to discuss my progress! Good Luck Studying!

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