Up to the Challenge: AUD Exam in Ten Days

29 Mar 2013


Alex is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow NINJAS!

My AUD Exam date is rapidly approaching and I am starting to feel the pressure. I have already moved my exam date back twice, and am excited to finally get into the testing center and put my hard work to the test (literally).

I plan on banging out at least 150 MCQs per day next week and plan on working on the SIMS both this Sunday and next weekend.

I have been following the ELL Study Framework, while sometimes skipping the early session to get some extra rest. I also have to agree with the other bloggers that working out regularly after a full day of work helps clear my mind and lets me re-focus on the material once I return to it.

I have been using the NINJA Notes along with my video course and am trying to listen to the NINJA Audio enough that I almost have it memorized and can predict what Jeff is saying.

I know I have plenty of work ahead of me before my AUD Exam on 4/8/2013, but I am looking forward to the challenge. Good luck to everyone else testing in the April window, and keep at it!


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