NINJA + Confidence to Pass the CPA Exam

22 Nov 2013


Alex is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Good Afternoon NINJAs!

I am writing you as I have just started studying for my second CPA exam, REG. I hope to tackle this in January/early February depending on how comfortable I feel in two months.

I have noticed that a big advantage going into test day is confidence. You have to be confident with the knowledge you’ve obtained and the method you used to study.

However, the real sense of confidence comes from all of the time you spent studying and turning down your friends and family to go to the library and put in many, many hour of exam preparation.

The countless multiple-choice questions, notes, and reviews help settle your nerves on test day.

My study plan for REG is to do things the NINJA way! Nail the videos, intense notes on the videos and books, a crazy amount of multiple choice, take great notes on the multiple choice, rewrite my notes in an organized fashion, and review my notes and do more multiple choice and practice tests leading up to test day.

Good luck to everyone testing the end of November!

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