Credit on the Line: Time to Focus on REG

Ali is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Wow! Last time I wrote was over a month and a half ago, and I was trying to figure out how to study for REG while coping with my father’s passing.

My client at work was bought out, and in between what feels like a million audits, I’ve barely found the time to study. My goal was to have passed REG by now and moved on to FAR, but I haven’t even finished the first set of videos for REG. Yikes.

I’ve reached the point of desperation to pass these exams. My notice to schedule for REG and FAR expires mid-February, my AUD credit expires at the end of February, and I need to pass my exams in order to get promoted this year.

I’m studying for REG again this week, and then through the holidays. I’m lucky that my firm gives us a couple weeks off over the holidays, so I have completely uninterrupted study time.

I just used the NINJA CPA Study Planner to map out my study time for REG. My exam is on January 2nd – do you think I can fit 120 hours of study time into three weeks? I’m saying goodbye to my life for the next few weeks. Temporary pain for permanent benefit, right?

Wish me luck! I’ll write again once I get started and let you know how things are going.