The Road to Retaking BEC + Moving on to AUD

21 Jan 2014


Ana is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow NINJAs!

It has been a while since I wrote to you! I want to share my story on my retake of BEC, which was a lost credit due to failing AUD.

I was a bit nervous restudying for BEC to tell you the truth. So many formulas to remember, I did not think I could ever remember them all, again. Fortunately, after countless Wiley MCQs I was retaining the information and my confidence was growing.

You see, my BEC credit was expiring 11/30/13 so I was restudying the material in 3 weeks time because I wanted to take it by 12/6 and thus take advantage of the extended window. After calling NASBA on 12/1 I came to find out that the system takes a week to update the lost credit, so needless to say I could not register and take the exam by the test window.

It felt like a wasted time studying for the BEC material so much in advance, since I could not take the exam until after the New Years, but I gave myself several days to recover and picked up the material again and did more MCQs. I registered for the exam on January 6th and was excited that I had a bit of time to spend with family for Christmas but still have enough time to prepare for BEC.

As you may know, come to find out the night of January 5th that my test center was closed due to snow storm along with many others across the country. I was bummed! The next day I called Prometric and rescheduled for the 9th. Indeed, more than a month from the time I wanted to take the BEC exam, I was finally able to face this beast…I'm glad this is over for now, until the results day.

The very next day I started looking at AUD material as I scheduled the retake for the end of January. Even though I came to find that I do not enjoy audit much, I am thankful that I am working on audits at my job, with the hope that one day will all pay off when I retake the AUD exam.

To you all, happy studying!

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