The Great Divide: Life and Studying for the CPA Exam

10 Mar 2014


Andrea is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

You have all experienced it. That moment when studying for the CPA exam and your work life seem to be two opposing walls of the Grand Canyon, and too often we find ourselves simply peering over the vast expanse of distance to the CPA side of the canyon.

This is bad. Very bad. At least for our exam studies. However, this is the realistic situation most of us face at one point or another.

I am starting a new job next week, and have been doing a ton of research and poring over spreadsheets and data that I can’t really interpret yet. This job will have me traveling 95% of the time, which is wonderful.

This being said, however, I will have a hell of a time figuring out how to fit in MBA and CPA studies with this new job. I am sure we all have this struggle, even if we feel we are the only ones in the world that can understand what we are each experiencing.

If the world was a wonderfully perfect place, we would have forty hours in our week to work, forty hours for CPA exam studies, forty hours for social life, forty hours for household chores and personal projects, and still have sixty hours for sleep. As we all can calculate, that unfortunately is not a realistic possibility.

The thing we all must keep in mind is that the CPA exam is an integral part of our career, whether we directly use it in our day-to-day job or not. We will all be utilizing this in the future, so it is an investment that we must integrate into our daily job duties in order to provide for the future.

Even if it is small increments during the day to study NINJA Flashcards, the small amounts of time can really add up!

Until next time, may the force be with you.

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