Embracing the Process of Studying for the CPA Exam

21 Feb 2014


Arthur is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


I hope everyone has been studying hard for his or her next exam. I have FAR coming up in ten days and I am definitely itching in anticipation for my second attempt at this section.

I have fully dedicated the past nine months of my life preparing for this exam. I know that nothing is guaranteed and that there is a good chance I may have to sit for this exam again if things do not go well. Regardless of my next FAR result, I will begin to look for jobs in accounting and hope that the right opportunity will present itself in the near future.

I have already tentatively planned to retake FAR at some point in April if I do not pass.

I have not had much time to look back on my journey as a CPA candidate. The process has undoubtedly been grueling and has pushed my limits mentally. I took a moment to reflect after I attended church this weekend.

My pastor preached in his sermon to the congregation that young adults often ask him for career advice. He said that he responds to these inquiries by saying it is important to not only seek the destination you are chasing but to also embrace and enjoy the process of the daily grind in pursuit of a goal.

Many people often strive for things such as a title, salary, prestige, and respect but do not actually want to put in the work to achieve a certain goal.

I was really moved and humbled by this statement from my pastor. When you are in the middle of studying, it is difficult to appreciate the goal that we are chasing. I feel extremely blessed to be given this once in a lifetime opportunity from God and realize that it is out of my hands.

I have put in the time and energy for my next exam to the best of my ability and will now put my faith in God to help guide me to my destination of passing the Uniform CPA Examination. Best of luck to all NINJAs taking an exam at the end of the first quarter!


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Monica 10 years ago

Arthur, thank you so much for involving your faith in your journey. The end goal is definitely important, but the daily activities matter too. Contentment in all states ... something elusive that I'm still chasing. Thank you for sharing your reflection.

S 10 years ago

Good Luck Arthur. God will get you through it